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 Over the River and Through the Woods

by Joe DePetri

Over the River and Through the Woods” in Rehearsal

 By Becky Donner 

               Most people can easily finish the beginning song lyrics, “Over the river and through the woods” with “to grandmother’s house we go!”  This song evokes memories of cold weather, holidays, good food, and people we love, especially the people we love.  Halifax County Little Theatre’s winter comedy will evoke those memories also, as they prepare their February showing by Joe DePeitro of “Over the River and Through the Woods.” 

               Set in Hoboken, New Jersey, the main character Nick is a young mid-level executive who lives near his four grandparents, who take delight in pampering him with home-made meals and take home goodies.  Yet when Nick announces plans to move all the way to Seattle for a job promotion, the four grandparents know they have to do something to keep Nick nearby.  All their other children and grandchildren have moved far away, and they cling to Nick fiercely.  

               Their goal?  Find some way to keep Nick close by.  The laughs come quick and steady as the four work together to try to convince Nick that his place is near them.  Director Sandy Slayton has been rehearsing for several weeks now with her Southside Virginia cast to create the perfect winter show.  

               The character of Nick is being played by Halifax County’s Will Hamilton.  A native of Long Island, NY, Will is a local attorney. Although this will be Will’s first time on stage for Little Theatre, he has helped out behind the scenes on shows previously. 

The four grandparents of Nick come from three areas, and Slayton counts herself fortunate to have such an experienced cast.  From Danville are Jane Reid and Steve Petrick, who both have a long resumé of shows they have been in throughout Southside Virginia.  

Hailing from Clarksville is Peter Balys, a government man from the DC area who retired to Clarksville several years ago and has kept himself busy and in demand as an actor in Virginia and North Carolina. 

Rounding out the set of four grandparents is South Boston’s Deborah Sizemore, who has been in several Little Theatre and Prizery productions, most recently in “The Dixie Swim Club.” 

The final cast member is Keely Wheeler, who portrays a young friend of the grandparents.  Their matchmaking eyes settle on her as a possible reason Nick might stay in New Jersey.  Wheeler has been in several Little Theatre shows, including last spring’s production of “Beehive.”  

Director Slayton is clearly enjoying the directing experience, commenting, “Whether  you’ve been the one jumping out of the nest, or the one with the lump in your throat watching a loved one go, we’ve all experienced these growing pains during our lives, and some of us have experienced both the leaving and the being left. This story is so funny and so touching.  It has a lot of truths in it, told in such a way that even while it makes you a little sad, it also makes you smile because the characters are so real, so heartwarming.” 

“While people of all ages will relate to the story from their own perspectives, the story is so well written that they’ll appreciate the feelings of every character on the stage,” she concludes. 

Assisting Slayton is her producer LaTonya Sadler and her stage manager Cyndi Overby.  Costuming is headed by Ginny Bogart, and a host of Little Theatre board members and friends are helping by taking on all the little and big jobs that it takes to prepare a show for opening night.

The show opens in less than a month on February 20 and runs for two weekends, through March 1.  Tickets are on sale at The Prizery for $12 for adults or $8 for students and can be bought in person at The Prizery, by calling 572-8339, or online at www.prizery.com.  The tickets would make a great Valentine’s gift for friends or loved ones.  As one person says who has seen this show several times, “You’ll laugh, and you’ll cry, too, but you’ll just love this story.”  


HCLT’s   A Season Worth Winning

By Greg Donner

Everyone likes a winner. With that in mind, Halifax County Little Theatre is unveiling their 2014-2015 season full of winners. They kick off “A Season Worth Winning” on November 21, with the timeless family classic, “Charlotte’s Web.”  E.B. White’s characters are crafted into a moving script by Joseph Robinette, who captures the magic in the friendship of a little girl, a special pig, and a clever spider.

The story of Fern and her pig Wilbur is a familiar one as the girl tries to find a way to save the life of the animal that is destined to become bacon and ham when he is grown. But it is Wilbur’s gentle spider friend Charlotte who is able to spin webs to convince the world that Wilbur is indeed “Some Pig.”

Director Erin Thackston is planning to create the liveliest farmyard ever to be seen in Halifax County. The geese, sheep, cows, and even a rat are on hand to support Wilbur in his adventure and provide comic moments to entertain the whole family. HCLT believes that all patrons will leave the theatre feeling like winners as they celebrate this most beloved children’s book.

February brings another winning story with the  heartwarming “Over the River and Through the Woods.” The setting moves to a quiet Italian-American neighborhood in New Jersey. However, there is a crisis brewing as two sets of grandparents find out that their grandson is about to move across the country. All of their families have left Hoboken for the sunny climes of Florida or California, and they are devastated that Nick has gotten a promotion at work that would sent him to Washington, “and not the close Washington,” the one across the continent.  

The result is a comic evening of events as the elders try to change their grandson’s mind. No trick is too low to show him the importance of his family. They even try to play match maker if it will firmly plant him in the neighborhood. 

Sandy Slayton directs Joe DiPietro’s humorous story of a family in transition and the power of love to resolve problems.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you'll remember when you've felt exactly as these characters feel as you go “Over the River and Through the Woods.”     

The final production of the season focuses on the most intense and demanding sporting event in America, the spelling bee.


                                                   Music and lyrics by                                       Book by

                                                  William Finn                                             Rachel Sheinkin

                                                                               Concieved by

                                                                            Bebecca Feldman

                                                                             Additional material by

                                                                                      Jay Reiss

                                                        Originally directed on Broadway by James Lepine

                                                        Originally produced on Broadway byDavid Stone, James L. Nederlander,Barbara Whitman, Patrick Catullo

                                                        Barrington Stage COmpany, Second Stage Theatre




In “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” the characters have more quirks and peculiarities than will be found in any other contest. Here, above all, winning is the only thing. 

The spellers have problems with family dysfunction, social ineptitude, and knowing where they belong in this world of competitive spelling, where finishing second is only being the first loser. 

Andy Rice directs this musical funny peek into the world of competitive spelling. The show features the most outlandish band of middle school misfits ever to grace a stage. The youngsters are played by an adult cast, and their performances are strictly for a mature audience. For those who like to root for the underdog, this musical offers a variety of choices to support. Don’t be fooled by that old saying “just getting here is like winning.” These kids know better, and there has to be only one. The ultimate winner is the audience, which is treated to superb comedy and fabulous songs every night.


is presented through special arrangement with Musical Theater International (MTI).

                        All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

                               421 West 54th Street New York, NY 10019

                                   Phone 212-541-4684 Fax 212-397-4684



HCLT will be mailing out their new season’s information next week. Keep an eye out for your brochure and order your season tickets now. Brochures will also be placed in both public libraries and The Prizery. Don’t miss out on this Season Worth Winning.

HCLT is proud to present scholarships each year to deserving high school graduates who have worked with us during their high school careers. This scholarship is funded through concessions sales and 50/50 raffles at our productions. This year's recipients of the Dot Crews Memorial Scholarship is Lydia Snead. Lydia has been a part of our HCLT family for many years, beginning with her first stage appearance as Kanga in HCLT's Winnie the Pooh. She has been dedicated to theatre ever since that experience, playing parts large and small on stages in Danville and here with us at the Prizery, making us proud every time and impressing us with her dedication and mature attitude. We've watched her grow as a talented actress. She has also worked hard to develop her talents as a dancer and a singer, and as a result she is well prepared to continue to secure parts in many productions. We wish her all the best as she pursues a theatre major at Liberty University this fall.

HCLT presented an Honorarium to Jessica Hinds, another talented young actress who has been seen in many productions on the high school stage. Jessica most recently played the fairy godmother in Cinderella, and was a part of the One Act Competition team's winning dramatic production of A Piece of My Heart. Jessica will continue to enjoy participating in theatre whenever possible. She will attend Hollins College this fall.



Season Schedule

Over the River and Through the Woods Feb. 20 - March 1

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee April 10 - April 19

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